Learn how to protect your time for what matter most to your and your family, in just 15 minutes a day.

With this free 3-part video series you will get clarity on your personal priorities, and understand how you can set boundaries to protect them. 

Do you feel like you have a million priorities, but none of them are getting your full attention?


Are you feeling pulled in all different directions and never sure where YOU fit in?


Learn how to identify your personal priorities, then establish boundaries to protect them. 

As moms we have a LOT on our plates. We get things done. We step up. We take it all on. But at some point, we will reach our limits. It can get to be too much and we can start to lose ourselves. 

Sound familiar? But what if...

  • you could spend your time and energy on the things that support you and fill you up?
  • you had time and space in your day to get back on your OWN priority list?


It's possible, mama. 

In this free 3-part video series, in just 15 minutes a day, you will identify your top personal priorities - the values that matter most, your non-negotiables - and then work on establishing boundaries so you can protect those priorities.  

Three days, huge impact.



This is for you if you...

  • Feel like you never have time for you
  • Have more obligations than time in your day
  • Want to identify your core values
  • Need help establishing boundaries
  • Want to be more present as a mom, partner, and friend
  • Want to have more energy and feel more alive in your day
  • Want to spend your time and energy on the things that matter most to you

No more than 15 minutes a day!


Meet Gillian

Hi! I'm Gillian, the founder of Mom Camp. I’m a married working mama with two kids, living a usually chaotic (yet almost always fun) life on the West Coast of Canada near Vancouver, British Columbia.

I care deeply about helping other moms feel better both mentally and physically. I believe that motherhood does not have to equal exhaustion, and that is is possible to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and professionally.

I started Mom Camp to empower moms to live their best lives, through live events, retreat weekends, and online content. I also host the Mom Camp: Around the Campfire podcast.

In order to manage all the things that come with being a busy working mom, I have had to develop systems and "mom survival hacks" to make life easier. I am obsessed with helping moms like you make their lives awesome. I love sharing these systems and tips, and helping you live what I call "the Mom Camp Life."

Awesome to meet you!


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